Tallahassee Cancer Institute manages and treats cancer and blood disorders in adults. We provide consultation and offer patients a variety of innovative, diagnostic and therapeutic studies. Comprehensive cancer care is provided through interdisciplinary treatment programs in conjunction with Radiation Oncology, Surgery, Pathology and Radiology. In addition to outpatient consultations, we accept inpatient consultations at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, Capital Regional Medical Center, HealthSouth Rehabilitation Center and Select Specialty Hospital.

An enormous challenge for patients who are diagnosed with a hematologic or malignant condition (cancer) is learning all the complex medical features of this condition. Cancer treatment has evolved over recent years and patients now have more options. They are also more involved in their treatment plans. Our goal is to offer you the best possible treatment and care by keeping you informed of any new medical breakthroughs in treatments and research. This goal is achieved by giving you the best information possible in a friendly, compassionate and scientific environment so you can participate in the decisions regarding your care. When you come for your consultation, please bring your questions, concerns and suggestions. Family involvement in consultation and follow-up is welcomed and encouraged.

Cancer Consultation Tallahassee Florida